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Holistic Health

Holistic health emphasizes the importance of the whole being rather than the dissection and analysis of the parts that make up the whole being. What comprises the whole being? The body, the mind and the spirit are the basic ingredients to each and every one of us.

To better describe holism as it pertains to health, we can use the analogy of baking bread. Basic bread requires flour and sugar, warm water and yeast. The body is like water; it isn't a solid object that will remain in the same form forever. The mind is the yeast which it causes the bread to rise and allows the mind to ferment thoughts and ideas. The flour and sugar are the spirit, the essential ingredients. Flour and sugar last and last as does the spirit and without any of them, there is nothing of substance.

It doesn't take many ingredients, but if one is forgotten your recipe won't work. The same holds true for your health.

This form of healing is not new by any means. But as daily life has become more chaotic and demanding, holistic health becomes more important than ever. External influences, of which we have no control, cause us to react severely. Loss of a loved one can cause stress, stress can cause high blood pressure, high blood pressure can cause coronary conditions.

Holistic medicine examines and treats the whole being. In order to understand and successfully treat the coronary condition, one must understand the high blood pressure. In order to understand the reason for high blood pressure, one must determine if it is stress related. If it is stress related, one must determine what caused the stress.

In this particular example, the reactions of the body were created by an emotion event. In order to diagnose and minister the body correctly the root cause for the physical problems must also be treated. In this case the emotional trauma of loss must also be diagnosed and attended to in order to treat the whole being.

There are many techniques available that can applied to increasing your health from a holistic level.

Guided meditation CDs are very helpful when alleviating stress and anxiety.

Self hypnosis CDs can help remove obstacles and barriers that emotionally drain us.

Herbal sprays and naturopathic remedies can help maintain a strong immune system and ease pain.

Aromatherapy can lift your spirits.

Music, as they say, can soothe the savage beast.

Hugging your pet can help lower blood pressure.

Practicing holistic health also includes nutrition, which is one of the reasons we added Cooking in the Lite to the website. In the Cooking in the Lite area of you can learn about nutrition, food allergies, energy maintenance, and much, much more. You will also have access to healthy recipes, the monthly Cooking in the Lite Newsletter, and the monthly Cooking in the Lite Radio program.

Our goal should be to be a whole being. That requires knowledge of your body, your mind and your spirit and how they work together in unison and harmony. The resources are there, if you take the time to explore.

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