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Esoteric Astrology's Twelve Signs

By: Sandra Helton

The Sun moves through the twelve zodiacal signs within a year. The date that the Sun enters a sign may be different for a person born in 1965 than someone born on the same day in 1950. Consider the beginning dates to be approximate when viewing a calendar.

Every birth chart holds all signs. The sign of your Sun, your Ascendant and your entire chart holds revelations about your spirits journey.

Characteristics and Energy Patterns

of the

Twelve Signs of the Zodiac

Listed here are just some of the Earthly Touchstones of gems and flowers to meditate upon and with for enhancing your life and connecting to the zodiacal energies. There are many more that you can find along your way and add to your sacred space.


Symbol: The Ram

Planetary ruler: Mars

Beginning calendar date: March 21

Element: Fire

Body area governed by Aries: The head

Earthly Touchstones for Meditation:

  • Stones: covellite, sugalite, diamond, ruby, carnelian, garnet, and bloodstone

  • Flowers: Rhubarb, pennyroyal, yarrow, clematis, impatiens and tiger lily

    Characteristics of Aries are energetic, impulsive and daring. Aries energy is the pioneer - the one who ventures out into the world and takes the first step. As the very first sign in the zodiac, this Sun entering Aries begins the Earths actual New Year. The Spring Equinox each year is the official beginning of spring and life begins anew. This energy is also manifest within each individual person on Earth.

    Aries can sometimes be impulsive and rash because Aries is very aware of manifestation. It is part of the greater cosmos that those of this sign take action. Aries represents the search for self and place in the world, thus, the keywords, I AM. Existence is Aries.

    The element is fire and so the color red and red gemstones and pyrite are part of the Aries vibration. When you need energy and courage, you can reach to the vibration of Aries for help. Aires colors are red and vibrant.


    Symbol: The Bull

    Planetary Ruler: Venus (A speculated future ruler is Vulcan)

    Beginning calendar date: April 21

    Element: Earth

    Body area governed: The throat, neck and shoulders

    Earthly Touchstones for Meditation:

  • Stones: Agate, coral, chrysoprase, jade, and green gems such as peridot and emeralds.

  • Flowers: Oak; sundew

    Taurus characteristics are pleasant, gentle, discriminating and sensual. Taurus governs material goods such as money, fine jewelry and belongings, so Taurians are aware of the finer things in life and matters of security. Traditional traits are to be steadfast, direct, loyal and rigid.

    Esoteric vibrations of Taurus are essential to do something about that which Aries initiated. Taurus is the cultivation and working energy of what Aries brought forth into the world. Flowers and beauty of a fertilized land is Taurus. The symbol of the bull was prominent in ancient Egypt. The keywords are, I HAVE.

    Taurian energy is earth and peace, and the fertilized space, so reaching to the Taurus vibration will help you to manifest those things. Taurus vibration is in the soft colors of nature.


    Symbol: The Twins

    Planetary Ruler: Mercury

    Beginning Calendar Date: May 21

    Element: Air

    Body area governed: Lungs, hands, arms and nervous system

    Earthly Touchstones for Meditation:

  • Stones: Citrine, cat's eye and aquamarine

  • Flowers: Jojoba

    Gemini is movement and is the messenger. Karmic responsibilities of Gemini are to inform and take the necessary steps to deliver information. The God Mercury is fleet of foot and symbolized by wings on his feet. Gemini is very Mercurial with energy that is always moving.

    One of the esoteric fulfillments is to be as the wind and deliver the concept of freedom of action.

    Freedom of will of the mind and the ability to move freely over the Earth is a Gemini manifestation and message. Keywords are: I THINK.

    When you wish direction and to know where to take action, you can meditate on Gemini. The Gemini manifestations are multi-colors.


    Symbol: The Crab

    Planetary Ruler: The Moon

    Beginning Calendar Date: June 21

    Element: Water

    Body area governed: Stomach, breasts and solar plexus

    Earthly Touchstones for Meditation:

  • Stones: Moonstone; pearl; chalcedony

  • Flowers: Moonflowers

    As the fourth sign in the zodiac, Cancer has domain over the home and family. The concept of security is part of the esoteric mission. Cancer shows how to establish all matters of security and the divine mother. Cancer marks the Summer Solstice, when all of nature's children are born and thrive in the warmth of the Sun being close to Earth. The Moon, planetary ruler of Cancer, is the feminine principle, and moves the tides and emotions of life. Emotional tides are measures of the internal self, shown in all charts. One manifests karmic patterns to family through Cancer. Sensitivity to feelings is essential to know oneself and is a vital part of the spiritual mission of each Earthly life.

    Cancerians are born carrying the lineage, DNA, of ancestors. Keywords are: I FEEL.

    Seek the vibration of Cancer for security and emotional serenity. A water fountain, colors of the Moon such as silver, white, and misty shades plus stones as moonstone will aid you.


    Symbol: The Lion

    Planetary Ruler: The Sun

    Beginning Calendar Date: July 23

    Element: Fire

    Body area governed: Heart and Spine

    Earthly Touchstones for Meditation:

  • Stones: The metal gold and stones with gold in them; Chrysolite, kyanite, and sardonyx

  • Flowers: Sunflower; Golden and hardy flowers

    Keywords for Leo is, I WILL. Leo is the fifth sign and the core of the zodiac. The center of the solar system is the Sun, which governs Leo, so reveals the nucleus, the center and the manifested soul. You are the sign where the Sun dwells when you are born. Leo rules the ego. Some traits are regal, as the lion, strong, extravagant, entertaining and all Leos, in some way, are very visible.

    The entertainment field and creativity is Leo ruled as is that which shines and is opulent. Leo is the life-giver and is the father symbol because it is governed by the Sun. As Cancer is the feminine mother principle, Leo is the masculine, male principle. Therefore, it is the id, the ego and the character that one may learn about to know how to be authentic. The life purpose is found through Leo and the place of each persons Sun sign.

    When you need to know more of yourself turn to Leo, the Sun, and your own zodiacal Sun sign for knowledge and true purpose. Leo is within golden and bright colors. Meditating on our Sun will guide you to know yourself. Communing with sunflowers and those that carry the colors and fragrances enhance awareness and centering.


    Symbol: A Virgin holding a shaft of wheat

    Planetary Ruler: Mercury

    Beginning Calendar Date: August 23

    Element: Earth

    Body area governed: The intestinal track and assimilation

    Earthly Touchstones for Meditation:

  • Stones: Agate; celestite, sapphire and jacinth

  • Flowers: Jojoba and chrysanthemum

    One of the karmic missions of Virgo is that of duty. Taking the responsibility of serving others is manifest. Virgo's are analytical and particular with details so are reliable to do a good job at whatever they do. This is the energy to take on much work and follow through. Many Virgo's are nurses and teachers. The Virgo keywords are: I SERVE.

    Virgo's are learning and showing the necessity for physical duty and caretaking in this life, such as tending the body through hygiene, tending to others who are ill and taking care of what keeps life organized.

    Reaching to Virgo when you need to be more organized, complete projects and stay on schedule will help you. Colors are practical such as basic shades as white, even browns and shades that bring comfort.


    Symbol: The Scales of Judgment (Justice is through Sagittarius.)

    Planetary Ruler: Venus

    Beginning Calendar Date: September 23

    Element: Air

    Body area governed: The kidneys and lower back

    Earthly Touchstones for Meditation:

  • Stones: Hematite, coral and tourmaline

  • Flowers: Goldenseal

    Libra symbolism is the scales, often thought to be those of justice. The scales of Libra are judgment and equal balance. Part of the Libra's soul mission is to learn about judgment and balance. The life is a striving for equality and thus is more spiritual when an understanding of the meaning is realized. Libra, teaches the meaning and experience of judgment and about the concept of perfection. Therefore, the keywords are, I BALANCE. Colors that carry Libra energy are lighter blues and soft shades.

    When you need to find balance and harmony reach to the vibration of Libra. Also, learning that refinement is of the spirit rather than of competition or perfection in the mundane world.


    Symbol: The Scorpion, The Eagle and The Phoenix

    Planetary Ruler: Pluto

    Beginning Calendar Date: October 24

    Element: Water

    Body area governed: The generative system

    Earthly Touchstones for Meditation:

  • Stones: Bloodstone, malachite,

    obsidian and tiger eye

  • Flowers: Holly, black-eyed susan

    The Scorpio is very aware of matters of mortality and immortality, and so, is of a serious nature. This innate knowledge is brought into this lifetime and is reckoned with internally. The procreative act is Scorpio and shows the power and reality of the sign. Scorpio makes it possible for conception and the process called death to take place on the Earth plane.

    Conception and the process called death are both phases of metamorphosis of the soul. The concepts of Scorpio are finality, so everyone who encounters a Scorpio individual often feels their inner reality. The essence of life eternal is within this energy, and so, the power of life itself is revealed through Scorpio experience. The Scorpio keywords are, I DESIRE (want), which shows the awesome vibration of the will as one that keeps life moving through the planes of existence. Desire is necessary for action to take place and learning from the

    Scorpio energy will bring awareness of your own inner desires and manifestations and why.

    Seek to know why you do things by meditation on the Scorpio energy. Colors to aid you are dark and black shades.


    Symbol: The Archer

    Planetary Ruler: Jupiter

    Beginning Calendar Date: November 23

    Element: Fire

    Body area governed: Hips, thighs and sciatic nerve

    Earthly Touchstones for Meditation:

  • Stones: Amethyst, Sugalite, lapis lazuli and tanzanite

  • Flowers: Vervain, clematis, and blackberry

    The symbol of Sagittarius is the archer - half horse and half man holding a bow and arrow. The arrow is aimed upward and out. This is a symbol of the Sagittarian mission which is to reach beyond the physical and mundane existence in the world and toward beliefs and spirituality. The soul mission is to aspire to that which is based on the non-tangible and is of faith and higher knowledge.

    Higher knowledge is what Sagittarians seek. Where you encounter this vibration in your chart and in others, you may learn about what you can become at your best and learn what your spirit says. Sagittarians inspire. The keywords reveal Sagittarius spirituality, which are I AIM and I PERCEIVE.

    When seeking inspiration, spiritual enlightenment and esoteric knowledge you would do well to meditate on Sagittarius and the Archer. Colors such as rich blues and purples carry the Sagittarius vibration. Even flowers of those colors such as the African violet may help you.


    Symbol: The Goat

    Planetary Ruler: Saturn

    Beginning Calendar Date: December 22

    Element: Earth

    Body area governed: Knees, bones, skeletal structure, teeth

    Earthly Touchstones for Meditation:

  • Stones: Sapphire; jet and onyx

  • Flowers: Borrage

    Capricorn manifests all structures and foundations of life. Bones, the foundations of a building and pillars of society are all Capricorn. The Capricorn energy will show caution and often will take the conservative approach. This is the sign that is holding families, towns and places together, so their job is to build that which lasts. Dependability is a trait because the Capricorn energy is constant. The Capricorn incarnation is about established group dynamics. Time is Saturn. Therefore, keywords for Capricorn are, I USE.

    When you need to be part of a whole such as family, work and society, you will find Capricorn will help you to integrate. Colors to use are darks and browns. Sturdy flowers are helpful.


    Symbol: The Water bearer

    Planetary Ruler: Uranus

    Beginning Calendar date: January 20

    Element: Air

    Body area governed: The ankles and shins

    Earthly Touchstones for Meditation:

  • Stones: Clear quartz, larimar, blue topaz

  • Flowers: Columbine, mullein, and goldenrod

    Aquarius manifests individuality and inventiveness, so each Aquarius is incarnated to experience that which has not been experienced before. Genius and madness is both Aquarian. Aquarians are spiritually bound to hear in their own way and act very uniquely. As the sign of the humanitarian, the sign manifests group soul consciousness of the current millennium. Moving mass consciousness is the mission that is part of all Aquarians.

    If the Aquarian seeks self-motivation, then the cause is lost and the energy becomes irrational. Staying mindful of what is good for all in whatever dynamic each Aquarian lives is the way to know the spirit self. Merging and blending for the good of all is what Aquarius teaches. The

    ankles are symbols because they are the support for the legs the legs move the entire body forward and the ankles hold them in alignment with the feet. This happens without a doubt as does the movement and direction of the masses, thus, keywords are, I KNOW. To 'know" is

    the opening door to the reality that change can happen.

    When you need to see your own individuality as it fits into the scheme of groups and society meditate on the vibration of Aquarius. Space age technology brings its own messages and a color is very light blue.


    Symbol: The Two Fish

    Planetary Ruler: Neptune

    Beginning Calendar Date: February 19

    Element: Water

    Body area governed: Feet

    Earthly Touchstones for Meditation:

  • Stones are covellite and sugalite.

  • Flowers: Rhubarb and pennyroyal

    The world recently passed from Pisces to Aquarius within the precession of the equinox. Each age is around 2,000 years. That the fish is the symbol of Christianity is not an accident in correlation to astrology. The Piscean age was one of sacrifice. The advent of its beginning is known with the birth and death of the prophet Jesus, whose story tells of his unconditional love and willingness to be sacrificed on behalf of humankind. Key words for Pisces are, I BELIEVE and I TRUST.

    That Judas was a Pisces reveals a lot about the mystery of the life of

    Jesus and the Piscean era. Judas revealed how the Pisces energy can manifest in the negative. Because the Pisces energy is so linked to the spirit, temptation for material goods is always looming. Ultimate sacrifice and service to humanity are astrological definitions of Pisces. It is the priesthood and in all of us is a priest/priestess. Examples of positive Pisces manifestations are serving the planet, serving a spiritual movement, tending orphans and aiding countries in need. Serving for the sake of serving without an agenda is the true manifestation of the Pisces soul or all is lost.

    To glean knowledge of how you may serve the planet, the universe, meditate on the energy of Pisces and Neptune. The Neptune energy whispers through telepathy and spirit communication. Colors to aid you are indigo, sea green and misty shades.


    All metals, stones, flowers and essences, places, people and pets, virtually everything, is governed by the planets and zodiacal signs. Everything is in correlation with the planets, signs and stars. Becoming more in harmony with all of nature will bring greater enlightenment

    and esoteric knowledge.

    Sandra Helton(a Sagittarius) is a gifted intuitive astrologer. She has been a professional astrologer for more than twenty years. She studied and received certificates from Sybil Leek, Phyllis Schlimmer, and Astrology Dynamics and credits her primary teacher Anne Gehman for helping her development in mediumship and psychic abilities. Learn more about Sandra and the types of astrological readings she offers.

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