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Taurus (April 20- May20) Weekly Horoscope

By: Sandra Helton, PhD

Your element is Earth

Taurus is ruled by Venus

Symbol: The Bull


The Leo Sun and Jupiter also in Leo, shines in your home and family life that brings an interest in decorating or making it a grander place to live. It may be that you change things so that you make room for a creative project such as establishing an art studio or place to work on something you love to do, or it may be that you begin to enjoy life at home more and so do more there in the way of activities that are fulfilling. Everything relating to the home takes on a special hue of desire for happiness and you work on making that your reality. If you are involved in real estate this energy helps you to be successful. Establish your home as your place of peace and joy. From Saturday and for the next two weeks is an active time to get things going wherever you want to be more self-expressive.


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