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Sandra’s Celestial Compass for the Week of September 14, 2014

By: Sandra Helton, PhD

Internal Dialogue Provides Extra Awareness to Plan and Secure Greater Connections

The lunar tide leads the way to shore with only two outstanding angles from planets, Venus to Saturn and Mars to Neptune. In total these four planets play a significant role in the cosmic scheme of life and events here on Earth. These major angles won’t happen until the last day of the week that gives you time to think about how to work with them. Right away on Monday is the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini that is part of nearly twenty lunar angles before the Sun leaves Virgo next week and enters Libra. While the Moon is waning, growing small in light, it is a good time to contemplate the more subtle and sensitive areas of life such as your emotions, how you feel about what is happening around you and your bonds with others. The Moon in your birth chart rules your emotional life and also how you reflect yourself outward to the world. For some it is easy to put a best foot forward even if feeling poorly within and for others the Moon placement causes wearing ones heart on ones sleeve. With the lunar activity now and the fading light you can ideally gain greater understanding of your innermost self that can be a strengthening process. Getting acquainted with the internal dynamics of your being allows for more intuitive ability to be prominent and helpful.

As the week comes to a close Venus, Mars, Saturn and Neptune are significant in that while you can lay a positive and long-term groundwork for a personal area of your life there is in the environment a swirling array of confusion or a disturbance in the atmosphere that affects your emotions. There is a subtle undercurrent of feelings, needs and desires that is a motivating factor calling to be addressed. Strong emotions could cloud your ability to make the best decisions so allow time to settle those stirrings and also honor the significance of them rather than shoving them aside. As you do this inner homework you regain peace and can then see where you have opportunities to move forward. Ways to establish internal dialogue are meditation, journaling, expression through art and crafting, discussions with others directly or via social media. It is time to get to know yourself more fully that in turn strengthens your spirit connection on all levels.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Moon in Gemini

The Moon square Venus at 12:16 AM creates an unsettled feeling and can disrupt plans of a personal nature. There may be a waste of time and energy going nowhere or in circles with nothing gained. People are conflicted.

At 2:45 AM the Moon sextile Jupiter is very nice for gain and progress just about anywhere you apply yourself. There are positive elements and small things bring joy and happiness. It is easy to get along with others and to find mutual ways to work together.

While the sextile of the Moon and Uranus is active at 7:13 AM there is an adventurous spirit that can be nice and helpful where you want to do something a bit different and explore new avenues. You get a boost as needed so allow your originality to take the lead.

The Moon trine Mercury at 12:53 PM prompts positive communication and timely realizations that are affirmative and beneficial. Situations that arise have clarity and are easy to work with. You can begin something that is a stepping stone to more.

The Last Quarter Moon in Gemini peak at 10:05 PM is a jolt to reality as it pertains to all things you have been doing and where you are now actively involved. This is not the time for challenge and confrontation but rather a time to see how to settle things that are not in order and that are out of kilter. Nothing is gained by pushing another nor is anything accomplished by attempting to control everything. See where you may work with others and find a resolution. Strive for positivity and reason.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Moon in Gemini/Cancer

The Moon in Cancer from 11:24 AM until Thursday helps you to stay connected to your personal priorities and what means the most to you. This is a time to connect with others you hold dear and also to reconnect with your home base and places that give comfort and a sense of security.

Idealism and extra awareness comes into play at 10:34 PM with the Moon trine Neptune. There is a strong sense of what is happening around you and an intuitive connection to everything. It is a good time to pay attention to those extra ideas and the imagination.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Moon in Cancer

The Moon opposite Pluto at 9:05 PM causes stop and go emotions although there can be breakthroughs if you hold your ground and persevere. Avoid aggression and whatever may be an overbearing circumstance. Step away from intensity unless there is a very valid reason for it.

5:12 PM is an easygoing time due to the influence of the Moon sextile Venus that is gentle and helps all events to go well. It is easy to see eye-to-eye with others and to have mutuality. This is a nice angle for making things like crafts, art and music.

Wait to act until after the 5:39 PM square of the Moon and Uranus that is disruptive and causes breakdowns. Anything can quickly fall into disarray so plan important projects for a later time.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Moon in Cancer/Leo

A nice building block is there at 1:44 AM when the Moon trines Saturn so let it help you to strive and establish what holds meaning to you. The Moon and Saturn in water signs makes this a personal vibration. You can gain support that is lasting.

It is better to wait until after 6:00 AM when the Moon and Mercury square to tackle any major contracts or formal agreements. It is more challenging to get things underway or have anything last until this angle is over. As well, it is easy to have disagreements or for something to be written wrong or somehow misconstrued.

Strength and a bolstering ray help you at 2:38 PM that shines in from the Moon sextile the Sun. This is representative of opportunity and success. Across the board you have benefits and the ability to persevere in a good way.

The Moon enters Leo at 11:10 PM bringing realignment with the self and focus on how to hold your ground and identity. This is also a time until Sunday to indulge in creativity, romance, entertainment and anything that is gratifying. Pride and identity are boosted.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Moon in Leo

The Moon trine Mars at 6:41 AM provides energy and is catalos for continuing on a positive track as well as being able to follow through as needed. You can pick up speed and reach your desired goal.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Moon in Leo

While the Moon conjunct Jupiter peaks at 3:30 AM you feel strong and optimistic that can lead you to generosity and a feeling of wellbeing. Joyfulness and indulgence is an aspect of this pleasurable angle. It can be a winning time.

A unique approach is probably at 5:57 AM when the Moon is trine Uranus. This is an aspect of exploration and taking steps to veer toward out of the ordinary places or to try new things. Something new and different fits the bill.

There could be a setback or halt due to the Moon square Saturn at 2:47 PM so plan to go around this time, take a break or wait until it is over to proceed or go forward with plans. It can cause insecurity and despondency that gets in the way. New directions have little energy to take them very far.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Moon in Leo/Virgo

At 12:34 AM the Moon sextile Mercury is very good for gaining ground with others as you talk with them. It is easy to establish understanding and have agreements. By being logical and methodical you make headway wherever you need to make a statement or declare something.

Venus sextile Saturn at 9:04 AM provides excellence for establishing many things such as unity among friends and socially, bonds of love, creative pursuits and overall harmony. This angle is one that sustains what you begin under its rays so think about where and with whom you may want to connect, or reconnect. There is a good foundation for what is begun as well as longevity. This is not an exciting vibration though is very helpful where you want to maintain something.

The transit of the Moon through Virgo begins at 11:54 AM and lasts until Tuesday of next week that is grounding and brings in a pragmatic attitude. Taking care of the basics is easier as is tackling those day-to-day tasks that you want to organize and where you want to have more order. Logic helps you to work on health and taking care of yourself.

Irritation is caused at 11:06 PM from the Moon square Mars. People feel cross and unsettled and there is an edge to activities. Little is certain and reliable so avoid haste or rushing.

Adding to the previous hard angle between the Moon and Mars is the 11:08 PM lunar opposition to Neptune that confuses and obscures facts and reality. It is easy to be misunderstood and to be misled. When in doubt it is best to honor that and wait to act on anything dubious or peculiar.

Mars square Neptune at 11:39 PM causes loss of energy, losing your way and overall something goes missing. It is one of those times when lost ships, mishaps at sea and other unusual phenomena can happen. As well, there is the element of quicksand so watch your step and be aware of where you go and, if you are unclear about anything it is better to hold off and take action at a better time. This angle is also one that can cause viruses and contagious illnesses to be activated especially since Neptune is in the water sign of Pisces. There is sensitivity for such things and also poisoning and other forms of toxicity. Take the sure route, eat the highest quality foods, avoid agreeing to be involved with anything that seems “out of order” and subversive and overall use your instinct to prevent negativity.

For the Week

Key words:

Foundation; understanding; stock; store; realign; establish; fullness


I am prepared and peaceful within for the days ahead.


All around me the morning sun lights my abundance and everything I need to sustain me.

Colors & Stones:

Calcite; obsidian; serpentine; chrysoprase; pearl tiger eye

Oils & Herbs:

Iris; jasmine; chamomile; sage; lime; basil; lavender; snapdragon

During this week of quiet repose and contemplation you can restore vital energy and renew your spirit that will be well aligned to the upcoming Equinox on the first day of next week when the Sun enters Libra. The day will be one of equal light and equal dark as the Sun in Libra will be at zero degrees. Prepare and storing are inner codes that quietly beacon you to take time to rest, sleep and connect to your spirit. With such an angle as Mars and Neptune on Sunday it is good to gather your wits and tend to the needs at hand rather than wandering off into the unknown. The Last Quarter Moon in Gemini is about communication that right now is predominately about connecting with your inner self. Gather your thoughts as you would sustenance and other things representative of the Autumn Equinox since your harvest should also be about harvesting and stocking all that keeps your spirit whole and nourished for the times ahead. Even if in the southern part of the world where the season is spring, the same applies in that it is time to restore, birth and bring in all that is life giving.

This time is about gathering your wits, things that make you secure both in feeling and in the tangible world, and it is also about replenishing your body, mind and spirit. Gather your reasoning skills and all you want to be there for you as you enter into a new season and new time when, in October, the two eclipses that are already in effect begin to activate certain areas of your life. Mercury then will also be retrograde so now you can prepare and be ready to coast through it all.

Thoughts and ideas take on significance now and what you have planned and want to plan is upfront to be analyzed and carefully considered. The goal that works best is to first resolve anything that is an accumulation of minor things that irritate and subjugate your sense of wellbeing. Embrace the ideal and as you do this it will bring out karmic patterns and greater realities that sets the pace and the environment for progressing in a good way. It can be a time of letting go of the unnecessary. A step in the right direction goes a long way.

Yours in Truth,


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The Cosmic Plan


Sandra Helton, PhD

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