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Sandra’s Celestial Compass for the Week of July 21, 2014

By: Sandra Helton, PhD

New Beginnings of Your Hearts Desires and Getting to the Heart of What Matters to You

The Sun and Jupiter shine brightly on good intentions.

The Sun in Leo, for a month starting Tuesday is conjunct Jupiter igniting desire and so gives a good view of the bigger picture of what you want in life. This fortunate time helps you to gain and progress forward toward fulfillment. It is also fortifying and healing. The energy is grand and expansive that may be applied to what you want to fulfill. The more you embrace what you feel from within as a natural course to take, the easier everything will flow toward that desired goal. Accomplishment is easier during this time. The Sun fortifies and strengthens and Jupiter expands the positive and bestows various kinds of blessings.

Mercury in Cancer is busy challenging how you communicate and interact. This is a vital energy as it happens during this week’s Saturn stationary position of making everything seem stalled or moving very slow. Celestial alignments, along with the lunar energy that is lessening until Saturday, forms a contemplative mindset, interest in revisiting decisions and working on plans before fully going forward toward full on August 10.

Saturn is actually moving forward at last though Uranus in Aries is stalled in position as it turns retrograde, or backward so overall the results are that there are reasons to reconsider what you are doing, where you are going and what you intend to have happen in the near future.

Helpful to keep going and make something out of what occurs is Mars in Scorpio from Friday until September 13. Energy flows with extra spark to help you to maintain and have follow-through. There is an undercurrent of awareness of what matters and what you value being brought to the fore so that you may address and honor it. It is like having a full tank of gas to provide what you need to get where you want to go.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Moon in Taurus/Gemini

The first angle happening is the Moon sextile the Sun at 10:14 AM which is pleasant and affords you opportunity to gain where you want and need to have something to grow. It is a nice time to work with the positive atmosphere for greater harmony and expansion of goodness. This flowing energy helps you with investment, as needed, to turn out well.

While the Moon is in Gemini from 12:37 PM until Wednesday the pace picks up and everyone is more on the go and busy. Emails are flying and people are on the road going everywhere. It is an uprooting vibration that is great if you need a little help to maintain a pace for anything.

Gain is the key for the Moon sextile Jupiter at 2:53 PM. There is an open door to activity and fulfilling what you would like to see grow. Positive rays create a nice environment for getting along and having people more willing to work together.

Uranus is Stationary Retrograde at 7:13 PM giving you time, beginning now and all the rest of the month to rethink what you started earlier this year and also what is on your mind that you want to do. Anything yet to be done is influenced and being reviewed so that it can be considered in the light of what is reasonable and worthwhile. If you discover you had false starts you can work on correction and changing things around although in some instances you may discover something was not worth the effort in the first place.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Moon in Gemini

The Moon square Neptune at 2:20 PM cautions taking anything at face value. Get a second opinion, be thorough or simply wait for the time to pass before make an important decision to save making a mistake. Errors are common during this energy.

Mercury opposite Pluto at 2:47 AM is intense for some if there is a strong impulse to have control or make a point. Watch that you are not pulled into debates or arguments that are more destructive then beneficial as they go nowhere and are easily far from the original point that caused the skirmish. Harsh words are difficult to take back. This energy could as well affect travel so take your time and stay away from those who want to bully you on the road. Nothing is gained or won either verbally or otherwise by engaging at this time.

The Sun enters Leo at 5:42 PM for its annual transit lasting a month. Both the Sun and Leo are the center of our solar system as it is the Sun that all the planets revolved around and Leo is the middle sign governing the heart and ego. The month ahead is nice for reacquainting yourself with your innermost self and what you want the most out of life. In other words, it is a good time to get to the heart of matters important to you.

Nice energy flows from the 8:30 PM sextile of the Moon and Uranus. It is a nice time to do something new and different and also a time when ideas come to mind that are innovative and have something good about them. This angle is a bit unsettling though not upsetting.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Moon in Gemini/Cancer

Elevation and easy projection is the theme of the 8:54 PM lunar trine to Mars. Added strength and the ability to keep going are provided, making it easier to finish tasks and maintain a momentum.

The Moon in Cancer from 11:00 PM until Saturday reminds you of personal needs and interests that sooth and also is of concern. Small things are noticed and felt. There is an impulse to secure your home and reach out to those with whom you have a strong bond so that there is unity and awareness about how you feel. Focus on the home and family is paramount.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Moon in Cancer

Venus in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces at 7:10 AM are both in the water element that makes this sensitive, intuitive angle even more significant for being able to tap into subtle influences and to sense what is happening around you. Easiness of utilizing your perception helps with what you do that pertains to creativity. This angle is a mix of desire and faith that something can literally come true. Stretch your mind and creativity for maximum results.

Bringing in extra awareness is the Moon trine Neptune at 1:04 PM that expands intuition and an ease of understanding. It is easy to tap into your surroundings and simply know the meaning and purpose behinds others actions. By paying attention you gain extra knowledge.

1:44 PM could be a beguiling time due to the Moon conjunct Venus. This is an angle of charm and is pleasant for most interactions and activities. Things turn out okay and move along in a harmonious and smooth manner.

The sun conjunct Jupiter at 4:44 PM is great! This is a fortunate aspect and makes life easygoing. There is enthusiasm and willingness to get along and be generous. It is stated in old astrology books as being lucky, and certainly it opens door for positive responses and even healing.

Mercury square Uranus at 8:08 PM is challenging and even harsh if you are pushing to get something done because it creates disruptive energy. Fragmentation and a lack of follow-through keeps you unsettled and off center. It is better to wait to sign papers or initiate communication. As well, wait to venture out. This can cause someone to speak out impulsively and say something either out of character or unexpected.

Mercury trine Saturn at 10:11 PM helps to stabilize activities and gives strength to contracts and what you intend to covey comes across with purpose. This is a time to work on reliability and ensure that what you say has meaning. Something established goes a long way and has endurance.

Avoid 10:24 PM when the Moon and Pluto are in opposition as it is too intense and harsh. There is a strong urge to overthrow something and be right regardless of consequences. Step away from those who are angry or want to win at all costs.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Moon in Cancer

Things may not go as planned at 7:50 AM while the Moon and Uranus are square. This break in the tide of activity can cause pointless rows and disagreements that seem to suddenly occur without meaning. There is a lack of sustainability for anything begun now.

Stabilizing rays result from the Moon trine Saturn at 8:09 AM. You can gain ground and make something long lasting. Where you need to be settled and work on having strength you are helped. It is not an exciting aspect but is reliable.

The Moon conjunct Mercury at 9:55 AM heightens mental awareness and intellectuality. Use this heightened mental agility to study, meditate and overall work on what you need to do. Work on expression.

Mars in Scorpio at 10:25 PM is well placed and brings positive energy and strength until mid September. At one time Mars ruled Scorpio until Pluto was discovered and assigned the governor, so it is now considered a co-ruler. Energy works for you and you gain ground through the advantageous rays it bestows. Where it transits through your birth chart is where it specifically brings this elevation. Generally there is financial growth or things are stirred with banking and financial institutions that helps you to have a clearer picture in that area personally and in general.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Moon in Cancer/Leo

The Moon in Leo from 10:56 AM until next Monday is quite strong because it is part of the New Moon cycle and aligns with the Sun and Jupiter that altogether is fortifying and brings a sense of well-being and power. You become more aware of what you want and strive to get it. As Leo is the center of your being, the ego and identity, this is a nice cycle to work on that, to bolster it and help it/you to become fuller and well rounded. Interests are outside of work and with what brings joy and a sense of fulfillment.

While the Moon square Mars is active at 11:30 AM there can be small flare-ups and off the cuff events making you feel ill-at-ease or less patient. Avoid being hasty or impulsiveness. This is a fleeting energy unless you fully engage and start something you will then need to end.

The 3:35 PM conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter expands on what is already happening so if it is good then more comes and if it is anything getting out of control this could be like a wildfire igniting. It is generally an opportunity to turn things toward a positive light and have generosity and pleasantry. Where good is happening, take the ball and run with it.

The Leo New Moon at 6:43 PM is the startup of two weeks of expansion and adventure. There is a tendency to speculate or take risks during this time though it is best to follow along the lines of true fulfillment rather than try something different where there is no personal link or investment. Generally there is a greater focus on children so if you have children in your life you will notice them more active, stirred and being very busy. This is also the sign of creative ventures that brings prominence where you are interested in expressing that part of your nature. For most this reveals where and how you hold interest socially and what you like to do outside of work and responsibilities. It is a time when more people seek entertainment and gratification.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Moon in Leo

Seeing new ways to function and in general doing something different comes from the 8:15 PM trine of the Moon and Uranus. Explore and be adventurous to learn about originality and where you can make your own unique expression. Try new things in small ways.

The 8:38 PM Moon square Saturn energy causes a setback or obstacle, or someone to simply be uncooperative. It is an oppressive ray that gets in the way of progress. Wait to begin anything and if you can use the time to take a break and pause until it is over. Do not expect too much from another.

For the Week

Key words:

Realize; growth; generate; expand; express; know; manifest; fulfill; heal; gain; affirm


My life is a perpetual unfoldment that blooms all my dreams and true love.


Standing in sunlight at high noon surrounded by an array of blooming flowers I feel its warmth that sustains me and its radiating light shines onto my true intentions.

Colors & Stones:

Sunstone; gold; tiger eye; onyx; sardonyx; diamond; amber; citrine

Oils & Herbs:

Sunflower; marigold; orange; heliotrope; neroli; cowslip; rose; citrus

Beginning with the Sun in Leo on Tuesday for the next month and also more intensely with the Leo New Moon Saturday that for the next two weeks is a powerful growth period, you may want to literally “get to the heart of the matter” regarding how you feel and what you want in the way of fulfillment in your life. The communication edge that Mercury brings in can benefit you by giving you every opportunity to gain understanding and see truths that are useful to know yourself better. Mars also helps to get to the heart of what is real.

Leo is the core of ones being as it is the sign ruled by the Sun that is the core of our home solar system. You have the Sun at birth in one of the twelve signs and where the Sun rests in the birth chart is significant. You each have a center wherein the soul resonates with the impulse to manifest your truest aspirations and potentials. Even though, in an overt common way, Leo is thought to be the sign of the ego and indulgence while the higher side is genuine fulfillment that is the ultimate joy of the soul fulfilled. Struggles occur when this connection is veiled by desire and lesser impulses. Now, with the Sun and Jupiter aligned you are given a wide open door to expressing your innate potentials and also powerful potential for manifesting what you want. The closer you are to realization of your higher spirit calling the easier it is to bring it into being. There are glimmers and glimpses of what that is and for some it is already in place yet leading to even more. The ideal of manifestation is to seek from within, from the soul that is linked to the heart. Once you are on a path toward that you also tend to automatically resolve karmic issues as the connections no longer serve a purpose and the higher consciousness refines the whole self. Fulfillment from the heart is different than desire and gratification as the energy is about emersion in what is loved rather than having an end to a means. It is time to birth and live within the energy of what you love.

Yours in Truth,


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The Cosmic Plan


Sandra Helton, PhD

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