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What If... Excerpts

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It’s Good Friday 2013, and I’m wondering what’s so “good” about it. It seems that everywhere I go things are falling apart or a mess: wind and rain are turning into superstorms; road rage is an epidemic, maniacs behind the wheel even here in Santa Fe; shootings on freeways in L.A.; emotional terrorism from people in positions of authority in airports. On a daily basis packages are lost, products are defective, repairs never work, workmen don’t show up, computers crash, the cable goes out. Asteroids and meteors fall to Earth, and governments are too paralyzed to help their people or themselves. Everyone talks about money all the time and where to get “a deal.” People answer questions with more questions. New Yorkers plow ahead down the sidewalks or in the streets, not blinking at crippling traffic or noticing the ear-shattering noise of seemingly endless construction. Angelinos build their fences higher and bury their heads deeper. Nobody seems to talk with clarity. I just want to stay at home either in Malibu or Santa Fe. What is happening? Is this daily trauma of a thousand small pecks a wake-up call telling us that we, the human race, may simply have gone too far for a cleanup?

It’s actually become a bad comedy to me: nothing works. Our once-disciplined work ethic has evaporated, and many people seem to be just waiting for time off so they can indulge in another handful of painkillers. People complain about unemployment, but for the most part, they don’t like what they do anyway.

Thank goodness that’s not my story. In my line of work, I’ve gotten to be a whole host of other people and I’ve gotten paid pretty well for it. But the truth is I’m not unique. All of us are really a collection of assorted people. Each of us is a myriad of personalities and identities; most of us simply have not caught up to the richness and complexity of who we really are. I am beginning to believe we are our own best entertainment. To paraphrase that wise man named Shakespeare, we are simply actors in our own self-created plays, believing that the fiction that we fancy is real.

Working in Hollywood, I live in a “what if” world, where there are multiple blue-sky meetings before any project: “What if the leading man is ugly instead of handsome?” “What if he doesn’t die in the end?” “What if we think he’s dead, but he’s not?” Over the years, I’ve noticed that all these what-ifs in my “reel” life have led me to adopt a similarly speculative stance in my “real” life. There’s a lot to be gained from asking yourself, “What if . . .”


What if our daily life itself is an illusion? Our notion of reality is composed only of what we perceive through our physical senses, or what can be recorded by scientific instruments or is commonly agreed upon by consensus. What if all of that is an illusion? What if our physical identity programs us to perceive reality in a physical way - that is, in a three-dimensional way? We know there are other dimensions, just as we also know there are higher frequencies than the ones we are able to hear with our ears or see with our eyes.

The truth, as I see it, is that we are multidimensional beings dwelling in many dimensions simultaneously, but we give credence only to what our limited senses impart to us. I believe that our minds influence our physical surroundings because reality is nothing but extended thought anyway. Thought creates form. What we think determines what we experience. Therefore we can change the “reality” of our circumstances by altering our thoughts. I try to remember: thought is the creator of reality.


What if each of us could remember our untapped origins in the cosmos?


What if my memory is going?

I don’t think memory loss is altogether due to aging. In fact, I think “senior moments” are “memory not relevant moments.” When you can’t remember something, it’s probably not relevant to the matter at hand anyway! Many young people I know are experiencing the same thing. Perhaps it is a result of the 2012 shift that was foreseen by the Mayans. To me, the Mayan calendar is a consciousness calendar, not an event calendar, with 2012 representing a moment when a shift in consciousness would occur, not the end of the world, as so many people thought.

Perhaps Nature, by making us increasingly forgetful, is saying, “You must begin to vibrate to the new frequency even if it means losing awareness of people and events you experienced before.” Names, dates, and specifics from the past are no longer useful in a new vibration. Everything will change and become obsolete.

When I can’t remember why or how I know someone, I try not to panic. I go into a deep breathing space that says, “It doesn’t matter; they are having the same problem, or will soon!” I go immediately to the closest tree or flower and try to become its essence. The natural world will successfully make it through this transition that started in 2012 because its fundamental trait is to be harmonious.

I’ve noticed that my flowers are more colorful and the leaves on my trees are fuller than ever. Even though Nature sometimes seems to move slowly, I feel she, too, is being imbued with a quickened vibrational frequency. She seems to know that a swifter and more positive change will result from whatever violence this cleansing will bring.

I need to write everything down now if I want to remember it. My sense of linear logic is disappearing, and I am thinking more multidimensionally. I feel more emotional about life and less logical. My sense of fairness is permanent to me now. I can’t stand to see anyone innocent get hurt. I won’t go to films where animals are abused, even if I know it’s only a cinematic trick.

I notice that my balance is sometimes off, which of course could be age-related, but I also see plenty of young people falling off their perches all over the place, too.

I live at eight thousand feet above sea level in Santa Fe, New Mexico, so I know something about the effects of altitude on the body. Perhaps that is why the fly population has nearly disappeared. Maybe they went the way of the bees, but I’ve noticed that insects have basically moved away from my life. In the heat of the day (ninety-plus degrees) I can leave my screen doors open and nothing much flies in. It’s almost as though some parts of Nature are preparing for the Big Change.

And what is the Big Change? I go back to the shaman who said Mother Nature is like a big mother dog shaking off the fleas. I guess we are the fleas and whatever mess we leave around our global house will be dealt with, one way or another.


What if the karmic dramas we’ve experienced over the last twenty-six thousand years had come to an end on December 21, 2012, the date described (ad nauseam) as the “end” of the Mayan calendar? But what if the Mayan calendar is a calendar of consciousness, and its end marks the start of a shift in our human consciousness? Could it have happened and we just do not know it yet?


What if raising one’s consciousness is really about upgrading the Divine in ourselves?



What If...

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