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About Shirley

Sage-ing While Age-ing Foreward

By: Shirley MacLaine


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I have been a questioner all my life—sometimes irritatingly so. It’s my nature to question the nature of nature. What is real? What is hidden? I must have been born with a gene for being open-minded and curious. This impulse has motivated my political values, my creative work, my relationships, and my spiritual search for deeper meaning. Who and what is that creative source, who are we, how did we get here, and where are we going?

This book encompasses a great deal of research that I have done with others who have the same questioning nature. Some of what I write may seem dense, but then we live in a world of density that we don’t always understand. I’m looking for a little bit of clarity.

Over the years, I’ve come to understand and appreciate the value of conflict although I don’t like it. But I understand that it is a teacher!

My years in Hollywood have given me an exquisite appreciation of eccentricity and the manipulation of power and perception. For me it was a natural progression to analyze human behavior almost from a DNA point of view. How have we come to be the way we are?

As a person of years, I am concerned more and more with longevity and the connection of mind, body, and spirit. Medicine that addresses itself to healing by way of energy and consciousness has helped me greatly. I don’t like drugs or the cut, burn, and poison approach. It is obsolete in most cases anyway. I’ll share with you my own experiences with such health issues, particularly dentistry.

I have never felt we are alone in the cosmos, and in the pages that follow I’ll address myself to that intuitive belief, as well as present a great deal of credible evidence supporting my views. Some very serious people have shed light on this subject, as you’ll see. It is time for the curtain of ridicule, derision, and denial to come down.

Mostly, I’m going to question and share what I have learned relating to our connection to what I call “the God source”: the God Within and the God Without. I question what is God and who were “the gods.” Why won’t our government tell us the truth about visitors from other worlds? Does the military-industrial complex always need to make us afraid of something in order to continue to exist? And, more than anything, I question the nature of fear and what it stems from.

I have spent most of my adult life endeavoring to educate myself in the truths that we are not traditionally taught and do not readily see. I have been privileged to be able to afford to travel around the globe searching out answers to these mystical but fundamentally practical questions in many cultures. I have a vast library of research material with which I am very familiar. It helps me feel less alone in questioning things many are afraid to venture into themselves. I am not an occultist (which simply means “hidden”). I am the opposite. I share everything publicly. I investigate. I believe deeply in God and feel that this “source” energy resides in everyone—even those we call evil. I don’t really understand what “evil” means except that it is “live” spelled backward (which could be a definition in itself). I believe the great creator intended for all of us to feel happiness. Because of the laws of cause and effect (science as well as karma), each of us has a different road to completion and happiness.

I try to be nonjudgmental on my road to completion, understanding, and happiness and hope that you, dear Reader, will feel the same way. STAY OPEN-MINDED—OTHERWISE THE TRUTH MAY NOT EMERGE. Even truth needs to feel acknowledged!



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